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Are you looking for a trainer?  Well here at Flying M Stables we can help you with that.  We currently have 2 trainers that are more than capable of meeting your needs.  Whether you're looking to brush up your own riding skills or you have a horse that needs work, our trainers can help you out!

Ajia Laszinski:
Equine Services by: Ajia

Do you have a love for horses but don’t know where to begin?  Seeking a competitive edge in the performance pen?  Or maybe you want something deeper?  Southwest Washington native, Ajia Laszinski began her business and has been based out of Flying M Stables since 2011.  15+ years of experience including; All gaming events, colt starting, advanced ground-work, "problem horses," showmanship, cows, reining, Western and English pleasure, equitation, drill team, trail horses and more!


Ajia’s intention is to impact the equine industry in a way that encourages horsemen/women to achieve a deeper level of communication with their horses (and themselves); whether you have dreams of the NFR or just want to enjoy a trail ride.  Her program is inspired mostly by Buck Brannaman type methods and the horse/human relationship is the #1 focus.


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Tumwater High School EQ Team Gaming Coach (since 2014)

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Ajia Working with Anna Mills and her horse Satine

Cheyanne Fisch:
Cheyanne's Equine Foundational Training.

I started my life here in Olympia WA. From a young age I have always loved horses, growing up I was always known as the crazy horse girl.  I don’t think it helped that my mother placed me in a saddle at 4 months old, as I never seem to have left it.  As a new trainer to this wonderful area I want to share my love, joy and compassion with this community.


My goal as a trainer is to not only help the horse, but also the owner; so that together, they can have a stronger connection, better communication, and confidence between them.


My experience around horses started with my first pony, Mamma Pony.  At the age of 3 years old, anytime of day I would race out to the pasture to go for a ride, but over the years more ponies and horses came into my life, all of whom gave me a lesson in communication and respect for the horse.

In 2008 I started working on a horse ranch in Wyoming with my mother.  The ranch raised quarter horses, yet had 4 minis and a pony, and while working with the minis and the pony it is there that, my love for training started.  Through connecting and communication with my own horses/ponies, and a horse that was deemed un-trainable by past trainers, as well as friends horses, my passion and education grew more.

By using the natural horsemanship techniques, I want to not only aspire to create a great horse, but a foundation of better communication, trust, and confidence with the horse and rider.  Through a soft touch, trust, and communication (just like any relationship) a great horse can be born and go into any discipline the owner wishes.  

Cheyanne working with Draft horse, Atlas.  

Cheyanne's Equine Foundational Training.

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Outside Trainers

Trainers:  We do allow outside trainers to give lessons in our arena, however, you must provide a copy of your certificate of insurance naming Flying M Stables and Farm, LLC as additionally insured on the policy.  Submit valid copy once annually to give lessons here.  For additional explanation/details email:


Students:  If you come to Flying M to receive lessons, please be sure your trainer has submitted a copy of proof of insurance.

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